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The main service I offer is to help you run your SQL Server more efficiently with the resources you have. Most of the default settings for an out of the box installation of the of SQL Server are not ideal.
You’ve made an investment in your system and you need to get the best performance so if you need someone to double check your configurations I can help.

Data loss

No one likes data loss; this can be from a variety of situations resulting in hardware failure to software bugs. In most situations it’s essential that you have processes to check the integrity of your system, backup your data so yo can restore it to the time you want and also alerts to let you know if there is an issue ASAP. 


I use Ola Hallengren’s maintenance scripts as they are mature, easy to configure and have become the industry standard which it seems Microsoft would appear to be trying to copy.
With these scripts I setup consistency checks, backups and index maintenance.

Free Health Check

I can offer a quick free health check and we think there is scope for improvement we can sort it out.
So if you need a hand with your SQL Server please contact me.